hands-on-the-land-logoClimate change is a change in the statistical distribution of weather patterns when that change lasts for an extended period of time (i.e., decades to millions of years). Climate change may refer to a change in average weather conditions, or in the time variation of weather around longer-term average conditions (i.e., more or fewer extreme weather events).

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Parallel to the climate conference in Paris, social movements and allies within the ‘Global Convergence of Land and Water Struggles’ stand up for climate justice and real solutions to the ...

New Hands on the Land Publication on Bioeconomy

A new report by TNI traces the emergence and the current trajectory of the bioeconomy and highlights how corporate interests have managed to capture and dominate its development and growth.

Public Debate: Agroecology in the EU

Public Debate: Agroecology in the EU: an unique opportunity for European food and agricultural model

European Parliament Altiero Spinelli Building – A1G-2 room Thursday, 17 September 2015, 9h- 13h15 Brussels, Belgium