Largest-ever European food sovereignty gathering kicks off in Romania

Largest-ever European food sovereignty gathering kicks off in Romania

The largest-ever European meeting on food sovereignty starts today with 500 people from over 40 countries gathering to discuss how to reclaim our ever-more corporate-controlled food and farming system.

The second European Nyéléni Forum for Food Sovereignty runs from October 26-30, and brings together farmers, fisherfolk, pastoralists, gardeners, food and agricultural workers, researchers, activists and many more.

Stephan Backes, representing FIAN European Sections, deeply involved in the organisation of Nyéléni Europe Forum, says: “While corporate-controlled agriculture means destructive monocultures, the Nyéléni Europe Forum represents a hugely diverse, positive alternative: people from all walks of life pushing for food sovereignty and the right to food in Europe.”

The particular focus of the forum is to strengthen Eastern European small scale producers’ rights. Most peasants in the EU live in Eastern Europe, and face specific threats including land grabs. The harsh realities of industrial agriculture are being felt by them.

Amongst the activities, the forum will include ‘peasants’ market’, film screenings, and site visits to local peasants, which showcase sustainable local farming methods and environmental justice struggles including the highly controversial proposed gold mine at Rosia Montana.

The forum will center around models of food production and consumption, food distribution, the right to natural resources and the commons, and how to improve work and social conditions in food and agricultural systems.

Spokespeople from a variety of professions and backgrounds are available in English, Romanian, French, German.

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